In order to run any business successfully, organizations need a hybrid multi-cloud environment. This comprises extensive automation, open-source tools and technologies, and self-service capabilities along with top-notch security, reliable compliance management, and rightsizing to reduce cost.

At Mirroar, we help organizations operate and deliver digital services by helping choose the best-fit cloud platform. Based on your business requirements, we will strategize an action plan to enhance your IT infrastructure while maximizing cloud ROI.

Be it computing, networking, backup, storage, support, network connectivity from third-party services, or implementation of multi-tenant clouds; Mirroar will be your one-stop solution for everything.

Benefits of Mirroar’s Cloud Platform Services

  • Virtualization of traditional work computes, storage, and a shared network reduces organizational complexities whilst providing the highest level of data confidentiality.
  • The cloud infrastructure is made easier, flexible, and scalable as per client demand.
  • Effortless configuration of public, private, and hybrid cloud environment along with keeping security and risk analysis in check through PCI DSS and HIPAA compliance.
  • Help realize how interoperability and refactoring play a role.
  • Usage of third party technologies like ServiceNow, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, VMWare, and AWS.
  • AIOps for cloud intelligence to develop and demonstrate your business proficiency.
  • High-end expertise, committed servers, monitoring systems, and computing resources to support your business globally.
  • Advice around security, compliance, and pricing.

Services Offered

Cloud Platform Services comprises of a number of services offered by various platforms. Some of which are mentioned here.