At Mirroar, data security is a priority. In order to keep our client’s data secure we take different measures. We embed access controls, monitoring systems, governance, encryptions, and information risk management protocols with sophisticated
systems and infrastructure and procedures to ensure security. A special data security task force is set up to find and fix any kind of data intrusion, identity theft, and detect anomalies to measure security efficiency.

Benefits of Mirroar’s Cybersecurity and GRC

  • End-to-end encryption applied to any kind of communication via SMS or emails
  • Security alerts and notifications and two-step verification for data access
  • Regular data file backup and retention
  • Authorized login systems and secured remote access
  • Designated risk management team for your data management
  • Compliance with PCI, DSS, GDPR, HIPAA and other regulations

Service Offered

While security is an integral part of any organization to implement effective technical controls for their digital asset protection, compliance also plays an important role in meeting third party’s requirements for digital security to enable operations in any particular sector. Both security and compliance go hand in hand. Here’s what we do to ensure the implementation of both in your organization.