Disrupting The Server Delivery Market With Self Service Portal


Time is money. In today’s world, a quick turnaround is appreciated and expected from a business more than anything else, especially if it is related to the technology sector. So to make things a bit convenient for them, Mirroar helped a supermarket chain of servers in taking an agile approach to solution delivery by developing an online self-service portal where the users can customize and order servers online rather than going through a manual process of requesting a new server. This process was carried out with the help of VMware’s MSV Platform which is a complete cloud solution integrating hardware, software, and services into an enterprise-grade cloud.


Though the traditional ways have been there since the beginning of time, there are few challenges that the company faced with the manual process like slow ordering of new servers and it was prone to errors. While the process of executing scans to ensure security and compliance was not fully automated, there were also delays in carrying out these deliveries.


With the help of a self-service portal, infrastructure, and platform services (IaaS and PaaS) could be easily provisioned and scaled up and down. It provided a simple and fast deployment infrastructure that could be accessed by the users in just a few hours. The automation process did eliminate all the manual errors making the company more flexible. The entire portal was set-up on a pay for use pricing model which meant that the company only had to pay for the used services only and not for the whole package. The build process also ensured the integration of security and compliance requirements. The configuration of each server was done identically by applying templates and automation. The users could also leverage the self-service portal order data backups and restores. The system was also integrated with back-end IT systems for the monitoring and management of entire data backups and storage.


The self-service portal sped up the ordering and delivery process by making it quick and easy for the IT users. While the automation process made the desired deliveries within hours rather than days, the security factor was enhanced as well.