Google Chatbots Speeding Up Productivity For Supermarket


Take-out meals have become a very popular concept these days. While there are dedicated food chains or restaurants that do take-outs, the supermarkets also have leveraged the same concept. Mirroar helped one such supermarket client. They sold take-out meals for lunch and had an ever-increasing demand for orders but they were facing communication problems with foreigners for order placements. We designed Chatbots for them to make the ordering process more convenient for the client as well as the end-user.


The major challenge being faced by the client was the communication problem. Since a lot of foreigners visited the store that came from different ethnicities, it was getting difficult for the staff to get their orders right as they had a tough time in understanding their needs. This led to a lot of time being wasted during the ordering process and hampered the over-all productivity of the store. The customers were not happy either because of the delayed process.


Mirroar developed a Chatbot Architecture for the client which handled bookings along with translation capabilities. The chatbot could take lunch reservations by text and be equipped with the right technology to translate orders by voice in multiple languages. Devices like tabs/iPads were installed at the counters from which the customer could send a voice note. This voice note was converted to text with voice recognition and sent to the chatbot. This chatbot after receiving the voice input searched for the product images along with relevant meta keywords and displayed them using the URLs. We uploaded every product image with its own URL in the cloud storage beforehand from where the chatbot could search the relevant images. The product images were displayed to the customer and the order could be placed easily without any hassles.


The customers were happy and satisfied with their orders as they received exactly what they asked for. This sped up the process for the client and the order placement increased by a significant number. The entire process proved to be a win-win situation for the client as they increased their productivity and efficiency at the same time.