Transforming Banking Sector With Microsoft Azure


Banking is an ever-growing sector which uses different databases and industry-specific approaches. The complex network of software applications employed can result in slowed bank processes. To make this process simple, Mirroar implemented Microsoft Office 365 for them to provide a seamless, accurate, and well-informed level of service.


The complex network of various software applications resulted in affected customer service which in turn hampered sales opportunities. Different processes like loan approvals slowed down because of a lack of integration. The bank couldn’t be proactive and reading customer behavior was becoming an issue for them due to lack of a coordinated system for customer information and other data. The important information is stored in disparate systems did not provide a complete customer view.


To make the bank stand apart from their competition, we implemented a comprehensive cloud-based solution leveraging the Microsoft stack to deliver a seamless and effective user experience. Integration of CRM system with the banking system and external data gave a 360-degree view of customer information to the employees making it easier for them to interact and sustain a valued customer. It presented customer data, processes, and business rules all in a few clicks. This was done with the help of Azure Service Bus.

To break the barrier between employees and customers, we also implemented a document management solution like Azure Machine Learning, Marketing, and Voice of Customer to the stack to not only handle the current situation but also predicting customer’s future behavior and analyze data and extra insights.


Azure Service Bus resulted in the successful transformation of the bank’s business processes, streamlining them, and removing any kind of unnecessary manual work. With the help of automation, the process proved to be a real-time saver and reduce any potential errors. It provided a complete view of the customer information from any location at a substantially lower cost of ownership.