Being a reliable AWS consulting service partner, Mirroar’s expertise in AWS tools and services increases business scalability and growth while being a low-cost and reliable cloud solution catering to different needs like database storage, compute migrations, and transfer, web application hosting, and other functionalities.

We have the right solutions for you if you don’t have the depth of skills yet or the capacity internally to build on your own.  You might need to better the implementation of your existing AWS solution or build a new greenfield environment, Mirroar will help you through everything AWS has to offer —no prior experience required.

Benefits of AWS

  • Brings scalability and resulting in stability of your business consistently meeting the market demands
  • Cost effective service helps you to budget effectively
  • AWS Managed Services gives multi-layered virus protection, backup and disaster recovery
  • Avoid downtime and enhance productivity by constant monitoring plus maintaining your IT infrastructure
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Frequent updates and backups

Service Offerings

Amazon Web Services being one of the most comprehensive and broadly accepted cloud computing platform offers you a mixture of services.