Attain enhanced visibility into your IT infrastructure at an advanced level using Mirroar ITOM offering

Experience complete oversight and management of your IT infrastructure and operations with Mirroar’s ITOM Solution. By leveraging advanced functionalities such as event management, configuration management, and service mapping, you can empower your organization to proactively handle and resolve IT incidents, minimize downtime, and optimize infrastructure performance.

With Mirroar ITOM offering, your team can utilize powerful applications like Service Mapping to swiftly identify the source of problems, leverage ServiceNow Discovery to gain a comprehensive understanding of issues, and rely on Operational Intelligence to make data-driven decisions with confidence. If you had already embraced ServiceNow ITOM, your IT team could have utilized Orchestration to prevent the update failure entirely.

With the ability to minimize outages, expedite issue resolution, and provide an enhanced user experience for your IT staff and users, ITOM stands as the ultimate solution for your business.

Mirroar’s ITOM offering can help you in


Heightened visibility

into your IT Infrastructure


Boost operational efficiency

through automated and streamlined processes.


Minimize downtime

by enabling proactive monitoring of IT systems, allowing for early detection and resolution of issues,


Optimize resource

allocation to improve resource utilization.


Enhance service delivery

by gaining end-to-end visibility and management of IT services.

With Mirroar Offering our Clients and Partners have experienced

  • Achieve complete visibility of the end-to-end IT environment with 100% coverage.
  • Maintain an average of 90% ticket closure within SLA.
  • Experience a significant 50% reduction in Mean Time to Detect the root cause of issues.
  • Witness a notable 20% increase in Change Success Rate.
  • Enhance compliance adherence to policies, regulations, and industry standards.

Client & Partners