The Mirroar team is dedicated to collaborating with you to maintain a robust, accessible, and up-to-date ServiceNow platform that serves as a reliable foundation for your transformative initiatives. We will implement necessary enhancements to ensure optimal performance and alignment with your specific business use cases.

Our Support Offerings encompass:

  • Resolving incidents and problems related to ServiceNow.
  • Initiating and following up with the OEM Support team to address product-related issues.
  • Maintaining the foundation data, workflows, and configurations of the implemented ServiceNow applications.
  • Collaborating with business stakeholders to identify and prioritize enhancements for existing applications.
  • Implementing and configuring the identified enhancements in the existing applications.
  • Categorizing enhancements into minor, major, and project categories and following a structured delivery process.
  • Conducting ServiceNow upgrades to keep the platform up to date.
  • Incorporating new out-of-the-box (OOB) features and functionalities.
  • Ensuring an improvement in the health score with each upgrade.