Security Operations

Enhance your organization’s security posture with Mirroar’s ServiceNow Security Operations Management Solution. Leverage our advanced threat intelligence, incident response, and vulnerability management capabilities to effectively mitigate risks, detect threats, and respond with agility. Safeguard your operations and achieve robust security measures with Mirroar.

Mirroar Solutions' deep expertise in Security Operations can deliver the following benefits for your organization:


Advanced Threat Intelligence

Stay ahead of security threats with access to advanced threat intelligence capabilities.


Efficient Incident Response

Streamline and automate incident response processes for quicker resolution.


Improved Vulnerability Management

Better visibility and prioritization of vulnerabilities for effective risk mitigation.


Centralized Security Operations

Bring together security operations in a centralized platform for improved collaboration and coordination.


Enhanced Threat Detection and Response

Real-time threat detection and proactive mitigation using advanced analytics and machine learning.


Compliance and Audit Readiness

Automate compliance workflows, generate audit reports, and maintain a comprehensive audit trail.


Modules Expertise:

  • Security Incident Response
  • Vulnerability Response
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Configuration Compliance
  • DLP Incident Response
  • Performance Analytics for Security Operations

With Mirroar Solutions our Clients and Partners have experienced

  • Achieved a 40% decrease in the average time required to identify security incidents, resulting in faster detection and response.
  • Attained a 30% decrease in the average time taken to respond to security incidents, enabling swift and effective action.
  • Improved the organization's security posture by reducing the time needed to patch vulnerabilities by 50%, thereby mitigating risks and enhancing protection.
  • Reduced incident escalations by 25%, leading to smoother incident management and resolution.
  • Demonstrated a remarkable 90% success rate in identifying root causes and implementing preventive measures to proactively prevent future incidents.

Client & Partners