The objective of our Consulting is to offer clients a consultative approach that ensures successful implementation. We work towards establishing well-defined service management policies and procedures, resulting in clear ServiceNow platform requirements. This approach ensures that your organization operates IT operations with structure and accountability.

Mirroar enables organizations to strengthen and expand their IT Service Management capabilities, ultimately leading to a successful deployment of the ServiceNow platform.

Our Advisory and Consulting services include

  • Facilitate vision and alignment workshops to gain insights into existing business processes.
  • Conduct thorough analysis of current and future states, evaluating the platform's existing and anticipated conditions.
  • Assist customers in identifying the most suitable ServiceNow modules and appropriate licensing options.
  • Offer consultation to optimize ServiceNow licensing for different modules.
  • Create a comprehensive roadmap that outlines the sequence and timeline of initiatives, taking into account factors such as priority, dependencies, resource availability, and business impact.
  • Establish governance structures and processes to effectively monitor and measure progress.
  • Utilize industry-standard frameworks for architecture design and modeling.
  • Perform business capability mapping to provide a holistic view of business functions and processes that align with ServiceNow modules and processes.
  • Design integration and interoperability solutions for various IT tools, systems, and platforms.