Our consultants can help you accelerate your journey towards running Mainframe workloads on Google Cloud Platform. Work hand in hand with us where we will guide your team on best practices for a successful implementation. We enable you to gain first-hand experience with the gamut of cloud solutions—including data management, security, application modernization, and analytics, machine learning, infrastructure, and much more.

Benefits of Google Cloud

  • Easy data access from any location and execution of various operations due to big infrastructure
  • Google Cloud’s large network allows users to migrate their machines also known as “Live Migration”
  • Private network offers maximum time and efficiency to the customers
  • Network via fiber-optics makes it highly spreadable and bearable for any amount of traffic
  • Committed to constant development in the infrastructure to meet their customer’s requirements
  • All data is encrypted and strong network of ISPs help Google secure their network
  • In-built redundant backups which ensure reliability and durability
  • Better pricing availability as compared to other technologies