Mirroar is one of the fastest-growing service partners for Microsoft Azure, one of the most reliable cloud-based computing platforms. We have migrated our client’s existing on-premises Quickbooks, Office, Sage, communicator, etc. to Azure cloud making it possible for all their users to connect and work with an Azure cloud-hosted centralized RemoteApp without changing any user experience.

Deploy a POC with defined & measurable business value that incrementally rises as data volumes scale. We can conduct workshops, by the end of which you will have a full design and plan to migrate your applications on Azure from your legacy on-premise environment.

Benefits of Microsoft Azure

  • Build, deploy and manage apps in quicker and easier manner
  • With up to date cloud technology, infrastructure can be made highly agile with faster deployment, operation and scalability
  • Several data centers and delivery points make it suitable for faster content deliver, data storage and share data anywhere across the world
  • Public, private and hybrid clouds can be easily connected to Azure environment
  • Cloud Management Platform services ensure faster issue resolvement
  • Cost-effective engagement model for maximum return on investment

Service Offerings

Microsoft Azure supports varied operating systems, tools, databases and devices. This computing platform is transforming the use of technology in organizations with the help of various services as mentioned.