Enhancing Employee Working Experience Through Mobile Applications


At Mirroar, we believe in providing the best of services to our clientele resulting in an enhanced experience for their employees. With the help of ServiceNow, Mirroar created a mobile application named SNOW App using Now Mobile service configured with instance and useful working modules. This application was designed for keeping track records of the company employees by providing them with a single platform for storing personal information, tasks, requests, approvals, etc. Our team was committed to designing a convenient and user-friendly application for the end-user that could be easily availed on the App Store or Google Play store.


While working on a mobile application, there are a few challenges that the team needs to take care of. Primarily, it needs to be ensured that the application is switched according to environment i.e. development, test, or production. The patch installation of the instance needs to be checked to make sure that Now Mobile App is configured in all patches. From high-speed internet for refreshing and testing the app to making the Navigation Tab available created on the studio as Applet Launchers, our team diligently works towards providing the best technological solutions while tackling all the challenges.


The broad range of tools available in ServiceNow spanned Mirroar’s services in the design and development process. To keep it simple and easily comprehendible for the end-user, we added tabs like Home Tab, My Profile Tab, and My Task with Applet Launchers while creating Applet for individual actions. The tabs included actions for information like name, designation, requests, approvals, etc. The categorical assignment of actions in these tabs made it easier for the customers to locate the required information instantly. After creating the app from studio and Applet Launchers, we double-check everything.

Once all the technical needs are met, we move on to the testing stage. Whether it’s downloading the Service Now Mobile App from the App Store or Play store, logging in through instance URL and credentials, checking the home and profile tabs, or all the applets under tabs and orders, we ensure the hassle-free working of the application.


The application brought the technological aspect to the otherwise traditional working system of the company. While the online storage of data ensured data security and compliance, it also made it highly convenient for the employees to keep track of their growth and performance. Be it notifying them about future tasks or checking the status of assigned tasks, the application proved to be a real time-saver and cost-effective for the organization.