Application Software

Continuous application enhancements play a vital role in keeping software secured, updated, and available for external and internal users. We offer high-quality services to design, develop, operate, and modernize business-critical applications for its maximum value.

With the help of advanced technologies, Mirroar has a proven track record to create, deliver, and maintain highly secure applications making operations more efficient and mostly risk-free.

BI Analytics

Mirroar offers in-memory and interactive data visualization services along with a robust partner ecosystem that enables teams to identify and correlate data to troubleshoot problems, enhance operations, and ultimately make better decisions. With the help of insights on the performance, simplicity, and accessibility of applications, you can enable analysts and decision-makers to leverage information accuracy helping in improving business outcomes rapidly.

Analytics helps your team in identifying your given data to troubleshoot problems for faster operational insight and better decision making.

Cybersecurity and GRC

At Mirroar, data security is a priority. In order to keep our client’s applications secure we take several measures in its journey towards DevSecOps. We embed access controls, monitoring systems, governance, encryptions, and information risk management protocols with sophisticated systems and infrastructure and procedures to ensure security in every application we build.

We have a special data security automation task force that is set up to find and fix any kind of data intrusion, identity theft and detect anomalies to measure security efficiency during the entire software development lifecycle and to reduce any downtime and prevent most attacks.

Hybrid Cloud

In order to run any business successfully, organizations need a hybrid multi-cloud environment. This comprises extensive automation, open-source tools and technologies, and self-service capabilities along with top-notch security, reliable compliance management and rightsizing to reduce cost.

At Mirroar, we help organizations operate and deliver digital services by helping choose the best-fit cloud platform. Based on your business requirements, we will strategize an action plan to enhance your IT infrastructure while maximizing cloud ROI.

Artificial Intelligence Services

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies are being considered one of the most transformative technologies today. They have not only accelerated the automation but their abilities to sense, comprehend, and act have extended human capabilities by manifolds.

Mirroar helps you and your company in getting prepared for tomorrow with the help of AI strategy. We help you in designing an AI model based on your business requirements and leverage data to train and tune your high-quality model while keeping cost in mind and deploy them to help predict outcomes.

Elevate Technology Partner Ecosystem

The Mirroar Partner Ecosystem comprises a trusted network of third party organizations built on the principles of cooperation, disruption and innovation. Bringing together the best technology, we aim to provide business centric solutions to complex challenges faced by different organizations.

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A Step Towards Digital Transformation

Embrace your digital transformation with Mirroar’s versatile technical guidance, proactive strategies and unmatched digital expertise. Count on us for transformation through technology.